Igor Kheifets Review – Automated Done For You Email Marketing

Igor Kheifets Review – I came across this done for you email system from Igor Kheifets the king of email marketing and solo ads. First of all, is this a good system and can it actually help you?


I highly recommend that you watch this video in the link below where Igor reveals how you can benefit greatly by having one of the best in the industry write your emails for you at an insane price.


Don`t know Who Igor Kheifets is?

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Igor Kheifets Review


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Igor Kheifets Review – Overview


I have been doing internet marketing reviews for a while and I know what to look for and what to avoid when deciding which system to get. Also, this post includes affiliate links, an essential disclosure before you read more. I think it’s good to be transparent!



You’ve got an amazing opportunity, a great offer and you know you can help people change their lives, but you’re facing an annoying problem…


Q. “Igor, I Buy Traffic But I Don’t Get Sales.
I Know I Have To Follow Up With My List,
But I Suck At Writing Emails… HELP!”


A. “What If You Could Have Industry’s #1 Email Marketer Write Your Daily Emails For You…
For Just $9.90 Per Day. With nine years of experience.”

igor kheifets done for you emails
Igor Kheifets Review – “Act Fast And I’ll Not Just Write Your Daily Emails, But Load Them Into Your Aweber or GetResponse Account Too
Free Of Charge!”


As a part of this introductory offer, I’m also including a bonus for busy marketers who are still forced to work a JOB to pay the bills.


What I love about email – it’s the single most effective sales media online.


It blows any social media marketing platform out of the water.


Text messaging? Not even close.


Direct mail? Too damn expensive and complicated.


Email rocks and it’s the most profitable easily accessible marketing method available.


Igor Kheifets Review – The catch?


But it only works if you’re consistent.


You must email daily. And pitch in every email. That’s how you build unstoppable momentum. You can’t afford to skip a day, get lazy or let things like work or life get in the way.


Which is why, Dennis insisted we take “Igor’s Done For You Emails” offer to the next level and make it a complete no brainer for serious marketers who can’t wait to fire their boss, but who’s still working for one.



Here’s what its all about:


We know you’re busy.


And we know you’re doing your best to keep up.


But sometimes life gets in the way of your dreams. And that sucks. Because you have to pay the bills, put food on the table and find the time for the people close to you.


This is when your online business gets pushed back. And sometimes even forgotten.


Keeping up is a challenge. And that’s where this amazing bonus comes in.


Let us not only write your emails for you, but also install them in your autoresponder and hit “send.”


In other words…


Igor Kheifets Review – Give us permission to fully automate your business for you...


Igor Kheifets Review – …FOR FREE!

But you have to act fast.

Click the blue link below, and you’ll be taken to a Paypal subscription invoice page. Enter your Paypal details (or your credit card information, if you don’t have a Paypal account) and hit submit to gain instant access, even if it’s 2am.


Igor Kheifets Review – But That’s Not All!

Your emails are only as profitable as they inbox.


In other words – if no one reads your emails (because you hit the spam box), it doesn’t matter who wrote them, you’ll never make sales.


Which is why I’m throwing in another ninja bonustraining video where I take you by the hand and walk you through over my shoulder how to fine tune your autoresponder (Aweber or GetResponse) for maximum email delivery!


It’s yours on the next page after you submit your order (as long as you get in before the timer hits zero!)


 I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have read the cancellation policy. I understand Igor’s Done For You Emails is $297 per month, and that I will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards unless I cancel. And I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel any time via the email at the bottom of this page.
Due to the amount of time and energy which goes into crafting
a high-converting email campaign, the nature of this offer is strictly limited. As soon as I hit my limit (I’ll know it when I hit it), I’ll 10X the price to $2,970.00 instead of the measily $297 entry fee we’re charging today.

Igor Kheifets Review – Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Which autoresponder do you support?

A: We support all major autoresponder companies. Aweber and GetResponse are our favorites.



Q: I don’t know how to set up my autoresponder or how to load emails. Will you help?

A: Yes, we will. In fact, if you submit your order before the timer above runs out, we’ll not only write your emails, but also load them into your autoresponder for you at no charge so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll also provide you with over the shoulder tutorials every step of the way.



Q: What if I don’t have an email autoresponder yet?

A: It’s very easy to get one. We will walk you through signing up for a free trial with one of the best autoresponder companies on the market and hold your hand to assist you in setting it up. You’ll be up and running, blasting emails in no time!



Q: Is this a monthly thing? What’s your cancellation policy?

A: This is a monthly service. You may cancel at anytime. There’s no contracts or fine print.



Q: Can I still write my own emails?

A: You absolutely can and should! We encourage you to email your list with your own emails in addition to the emails we write for you. I explain how to do that and why it’s healthy for your list and your bottom line inside.



Q: Will the emails you write contain any specific details about me and/or my business opportunity?

A: Unlike what you’ve been told, you don’t need to be an open book to your list and prove you’re a real person, build a relationship or give value. I discovered the most profitable to email marketing and it revolves around one key concept – infotainment. This means, your emails will be informative and entertaining at the time. They’ll pull your subscribers by their shirt collar and pull them in. Why? Because we’ll be spending a lot of time in the prospect’s world, and not your own. This is where the big money is. The reader doesn’t care about your daughter’s preschool accomplishments or your golf score. They care about themselves. And that’s exactly what we give them.



Q: Why do I need to email my list every non-stop to make good money?

A: There’s been hundreds of books written on marketing, buyer psychology, trust building and influence. I’ve read them all. I then went out there and tested every concept, trick and strategy with my own time and money. And here’s what I discovered: influence isn’t a button you push to make someone buy your product. It’s a gradual process which takes a cold visitor and turns him into a raving fan. Email is the #1 tribe-building weapon I know. And to build a tribe of fans, you need to be consistent about your communication. It takes multiple exposures before a skeptical prospect is willing to put his doubts aside and listen what you have to say. Which is why the most successful marketers on the planet email their list daily, no exceptions. Some (like me) even email their list twice and three times per day. They’re killing it, of course.






Conclusion – Yes! Get Emails Delivered By The Best In The Biz (10/10)


Also In conclusion I  believe that Igor`s Automated and done for you email service will definetely live up to your expectations. He`s an amazing writer, so therefore I think this is a good system so it should be safe to give it a go but beware of the up-sells...

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(Get a 100% Free Bonus to Kickstart Your Way to 5-Figures a Month)
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