Internet Jetset Review – John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Training Program a Scam or legit?

Internet Jetset Review

Internet Jetset review: I’m gonna try to answer the question that you are probably  thinking about right now. Is Internet Jetset a scam or legit?


I’m sick and tired of internet millionaires showing of their cars and money, and to be honest, I’m jealous. There, I’ve said it..


I promised myself that I would not buy John’s program due to the fact that I had spent a lot of money with different courses and probably another one maybe wouldn’t make a change..


Yet I kept seeing his videos and getting some mails. What he said made so much sense and his voice is also very straight forward and to the point. Now I  started to question myself because he made everything so simple. I have paid around $1000 for other programs ($8000 total!) and this guy is currently selling his for $47.?.


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I was skeptical to be honest. Most noteworthy was that I had not made any money online with the other programs I previously bought. Why  would Internet Jetset be any different? Why would he sell this program for under $100 while others are charging around $1000?


How would you like to make your first sale within 2 hours?


As a result, one day I thought to myself, I’ve got nothing to loose. Let’s just try it. And luckily I did, as you can see from the results (See Here). Now I have made over 18K in sales!


Internet Jetset Review







Internet Jetset – Overview


You’ll learn how you maybe can have your first sale within 2 hours. John Crestani simplifies everything so everyone can understand, even without any experience.


There is a big community of internet entrepreneurs in Internet Jetset, and getting help and support is much easier than in other courses. I would recommend to join John’s weekly webinar where you get one on one help live which is amazing!


I Have not seen that kind of service anywhere else. Also a Millionaire teaching you in person every week. This is another huge advantage.


In the 12+ hour course, Internet Jetset, John Crestani also show people how to earn a living online, most noteworthy without have to pay for ads, expensive software, or anything extra.



Internet Jetset  – Who Is the Man Behind the Legend?



Internet Jetset Review -John Crestani












John Crestani was born in 1987. He went to college but left and transferred to community college so he could take night classes and start working. In 2009 he took 6 months off to travel around Thailand.


He read the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, and decided he wanted to start an internet business. Consequently he lost most of his money. and got a job at a marketing firm doing tele-marketing.


John started working in the marketing department of the company. Moved up quickly. He also self-taught himself copywriting, programming, and web design. Most of all he’s a success due to hard work.


In 2012 he started his own (affiliate) marketing agency and as a result started earning 30K immediately.
He Grew his company and started traveling the world where he also met his wife. Living the dream!


In 2015 the Company grows to $2.9 Million a year.  John Crestani also shifted his focus to a larger mission than just money.


As a result John’s mission is to help others gain control of their time, and freedom to live the dream life.


In addition John have also been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and INC. magazine, so you are dealing with a credible individual. He will also be seen on TV around the US soon, pretty cool.


Internet Jetset  – What is Included in Internet Jetset?


If you look at the members area, it includes in addition a eight hours action-packed video course, that trains people how to be a successful affiliate marketeers.

Here’s some of the content inside the course:


1) How to sell the first product as an affiliate marketer and earn your first commissions within 2 hours of joining this product.


2) A secret trick to use Facebook and Amazon for instant profits.


3) How to choose the right product that actually sells and avoiding the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ that ruins most online business owners.


4) Things that should be avoided that cause business owners to lose focus.


5) Which affiliate networks are best to join and how to join them.


6) How to get free traffic from Google, YouTube and Facebook.


7) How to use Google keyword planner and find super long-tail, high-intent, high-volume keywords.


Internet Jetset  – Xtreme Case Study Archive (Upsell):


This is not available with the front end product. You need to pay $187 for this up-sell. I have not bought this yet, but from what I hear, this is golden and especially relevant. It includes case studies, interviews, and  also webinars with top experts. All video:


1) The very successful marketer Ronnie Sandlin, who uncover of making $2,000/day with advertorial blog posts on Facebook, as well as how to obtain a healthy psychological response in your headlines.


2) A interview of John from Taylor Barr, who explains how to earn a passive five figure monthly income.


3)  John reveals to you, how to market skin care products to people online.


4) John interview Carlos Cruz about how he earns $1,200/day through marketing flashlights.


5)  John explains to you how to sell gold investments via Google.


6) John reveals you how to market blood pressure supplements to people online effectively.


7) Interview with Ronnie Sandlin where he reveals the secrets about Black hat Copy writing methods.


8)  John shows you how to market credit repair offers through blog posts and make up to $80,000/day.


9) Discover the seventeen step copy writing template that motivates people to purchase.


10) John interviews the Chinese super-affiliate Nick Chou about his successful strategies that are giving him great results.


Internet Jetset Review




Internet Jetset – Overview of Jetset LIVE:


This is an up-sell that will charge monthly. Most of all by paying this fee, you will get access to John monthly webinars in which he will work with students LIVE on a webinar, examine their campaigns, and provide them with updates on the newest and biggest developments occurring in affiliate marketing, from the viewpoint of a network owner, and a super-affiliate.


This is very valuable and it’s incredible to observe the massive success of some of the guy’s (10 K+ days!).


Internet Jetset – The Pros


In addition when you join the Internet Jetset course you also get the following:


Internet Jetset Review  12 hour course on how to start your internet business with FREE traffic methods


Internet Jetset Review  Live monthly training with John


Internet Jetset Review  Free 30 minute startup call with one of his coaches


Internet Jetset Review  Bonus training course from HIS mentor


Internet Jetset Review  Access to a private Facebook group and also a Forum with a lot of value from millionaires


Internet Jetset Review  In the webinar training you will  also get your questions answered personally by John. Very unique!


Internet Jetset Review  Daily video updates on social media


Internet Jetset Review  Easy to follow Step by step Guidance


Internet Jetset Review  Personal development and Aha moments

Internet Jetset – The Cons


Internet Jetset Review  Up-sells


Monthly fee for Jetset Live (worth it)Internet Jetset Review

Conclusion: Buy This Course 9/10


Internet Jetset is also teaching you how to generate organic free traffic to your website yet in addition you also get training mastering:


Internet Jetset Review  Search Engine Optimization so the search engines will rank you higher


Internet Jetset Review  Keyword Research (rather than wasting time writing content that nobody is searching for online)


Internet Jetset Review  Content Creation and guidance


Internet Jetset Review  Live help finally building out a fully functional website


Internet Jetset is definitely not a scam. You can tell John has put a lot of effort into making this course, and as a result, has made it beginner friendly. Yet this is not a get rich quick scheme, although the results may come within the first 2 hours (for me this took about a week).


Therefore if you put in the hours and work the program step by step, a full-time income will finally be reached. Every legit business takes time to build. The good part is that you can do it too, as a result of using this program.


In conclusion, this is finally by far the best program for beginners and if you want to see results (based on my experience) this is it. I recommend that you watch John’s Free webinar, so make sure to login below!


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Internet Jetset