Online Profits Breakthrough – Online Money Making Or Scam?

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Online Profits Breakthrough is one more web advertising assesses prospect.on-line earnings advancement Can find out concerning associate advertising.<img course ="alignleft wp-image-3344" src="ød-hake15.jpg" alt=

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Super Affiliate System Review – Internet Jetset & John Crestani Course Working?

Titan Profits Super Affiliate System

There`s a quote by Tony Gaskins, a motivational speaker, author and life coach, that always stuck with me,


 “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” 


That`s the way most entrepreneurs feel. We love business. But we get our energy from starting our own business.


And I`m on my way to becoming an entrepreneur.


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Super Affiliate System Review – Not Good Enough?


You see, I have had so many different jobs, from being a phone salesman, working with people who need help, landscaping, distribution, and accounting to name a few.


I have always done my best to help out, whenever I could. Being service-minded has always made me feel good!


But the more service I provided, the more people wanted from me.


In fact, last summer I even operated the whole accounting department while the others were on vacation. Being the new guy and wanting to earn my stripes, I did so with a smile.


I was very excited when my boss emailed me and told me she was happy with my progress.


Sounds like a good job right? And it was I guess. The pay was low considering I have a masters degree in economics & finance, but I was happy to get a foot in the door. I even bought my first apartment and thought that with this job, I was secure and my struggles were over.


I have always been an introvert, so the idea of working 8 hours in my own office sounded like a good fit, trying not to deal with people all day long.


I did bookkeeping, dealing with invoices, sent emails back and forth, called up businesses that didn`t pay. Constant focus on effectiveness and keeping deadlines, super stressed colleagues, always behind and not enough time. Some months I worked 20 hours extra to catch up.

Titan Profits







Yeah, I know, talk about “first world problems!”. But if you`re an introverted perfectionist, you know what I`m talking about. It`s exhausting.


I could hear my father`s voice in my head, “be happy that you have a job”.


I`m drained at the end of every day. I have zero energy. My tank is empty.


Super Affiliate System Review – Getting Motivated Or Failing?


One Day, I Came Home at 6 pm and Could Not Stay Awake Long Enough to Eat Dinner.


I crashed at 6:30 and didn`t wake up until sunrise!


Then a week later, it happened again. Then it started happening twice a week.


And then, one week, it happened every day. Monday through Friday.


That was when I started looking for a way out.


Something that didn`t force me to be around people 8 hours per day every day.


I started some online businesses.


I Loved the Feeling of Sitting In My Own Office Chair With a Can of Pepsi Max, and Plugging Away at My Business.


Placing ads, tracking the results, watching my email for sales notifications.


It was an introverts dream.


Well, except for the selling.


Super Affiliate System Review – I Hate Selling


The sales funnels and Facebook ads for the businesses I was running, did a great job of capturing email addresses. But didn`t do a great job of closing. It got me leads. It did not get me sales.


One restaurant I worked with even told me they didn`t need leads! Although they wanted me to get them more customers in the first place.


Needless to say, I do not work with them anymore.


I also thought the breakthrough in my business was around the corner when a painting company I was working with to get them leads, went on an inspection for a total in- and outdoor painting job.


Finally, I thought to myself. This is it!?


Well, as it turned out, they got into a fight with the customer because of the price they were charging was too high, so the deal went sour.


So, I`d have to write emails, make phone calls, and (gasp!) even meet people in person to try to get them “involved with the program”.


Although I have worked with sales, I have never been a good salesman. Mostly because I want to be nice and not too pushy. I want to let people make up their own decision.


It`s been a rocky road, but I have always maintained the mindset of never giving up. I have also started a couple of Shopify stores selling gadgets.


Moving on..


Super Affiliate System Review – Getting Results


So, I did OK. I got to the point where I could take some unpaid vacation time from my job. But I was still doing the 8 hours+ thing at the day job.


And whenever I had to make phone calls or meet with someone in person, it would suck all the energy out of me. I`d think, “This is what I`m trying to avoid!”.


So I did OK, for a couple of years. I learned a lot about internet marketing. But it didn`t appeal to me enough to dig in 100%.


And I Know From Accounting And Everything Else In Life If You Don`t Pursue Something 100% You`ll Always Be Mediocre.


You`ll never reach excellence.


You`ve seen clips of entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs. They didn`t decide one day, when they were 30, to be great entrepreneurs.


For better or worse, their whole life was about entrepreneurship. That`s what it took to be one of the greatest ever.


And I wasn`t interested in dedicating that much time to a side business yet.


As time went by, I managed to make some big mistakes at my job which almost cost the company one of their biggest costumers. I took the whole blame, even though I handed over the numbers to my boss, so she could check them in case I made any mistakes.


Well, she didn`t see the mistakes either, but to be fair, I was the one who made the mistake in the first place.


Super Affiliate System Review – The Big Confrontation


Then, One Morning I Sensed There Was Something Wrong, And I Confronted My Boss. She Told Me I had To Make a Choice. Either to Quit My Job Or Be Fired.


I was shocked at first, and couldn`t understand why. Sure I had made some mistakes.


But so did the others working there, including my boss.


I got upset and angry but decided to do my best as long as I was working there to get a good resume, which I did.


To make a long story short, I wrote a resignation letter and quit my job.


Now I Was Facing Unemployment and the Fact That I Hopefully Would Not Be Working As An Accountant Ever Again.


Insane how quick things can change and how fast a “secure job” can slip away.


To be honest, it felt great leaving, the work environment there was not good for me and I should not be working with numbers 8 hours a day. And I also hate to work for a boss. It drives me crazy. All in all it was a blessing in disguise.


So, I went back to my online business with a newfound determination.


I jacked up my ad spend. I developed some email templates that increased my conversions a bit. I even wrote out a phone script. Then I worked on a sales script. I sold some air coolers and kitchen supply in my Shopify store sold a lot of college books on Amazon.


And I did OK. I increased my conversions a few percentage points.


But I was still not getting the results that would get me “free”.


One day, I was out with some friends on a beautiful summer day. One of the guys in the group was a good friend of mine. So, we were just going to a nice restaurant in my home town. We were just having fun. Enjoying the day and the summer.


At one point, my friend David asked about my work.


So, I told him about my online business.. and my frustrations with it.


David told me about Super Affiliate System.


He said, “I`ve been working with John Crestani for a while, and there`s no selling involved. If you`ve got persistence, and it sounds like you do, it might be worth checking out”.


So I did.


Super Affiliate System Review – The Turn-Around Success


And when I went to John`s site, I saw exactly what I was looking for. The headline said..


“Free training: How to Earn a 6-figure Side-Income Online”


Free Training Series Reveals Everything, Step-by-Step


That was my problem exactly.


So, I gave it a shot. And, while I did convert more traffic into sales right away, it still was not enough to get me free.


I was still missing some piece of the equation.


I spent hours puzzling over it. But I could never figure out how to get my conversions up to “freedom” levels.


What was my problem?


Was it my problem? Or was it a problem with Super Affiliate System?


Why was some people succeeding and I was only doing mediocre?


Well, remember how I told you I was an introvert?


Introverts don`t like to ask for help. We like to figure things out on our own.


That can be an advantage sometimes. But most of the time it`s a disadvantage.


There I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong when I had a mentor waiting to help me. I didn`t even think of asking for help from my mentor until I got an email.


“I Wish I Knew This When I Started..”


So, Mr. introvert bit his lip and joined the weekly coaching call. Live one on one coaching from a millionaire master affiliate marketer. My heart was beating as I hashed out my problems.


John put together a plan for my situation. A plan I could follow, step by step, to raise my conversion numbers. He revealed the missing pieces and opened my eyes to things I thought I understood. But in reality, I thought I knew. Goes to show how important it is to have somebody holding you accountable and push you in the right direction.


I kept coming back week after week even though I had to stay up late due to time zones. I would rather work night and day for myself than to work a 9-5 for somebody else.


And now I`m working those steps.


And the steps are working. I`ve already seen an increase of 20% in my conversion and I crushed my goal of making $10000 online. And I`m well on my way to getting to “freedom” levels.

 Titan Profits Sales





What Will I Do For My Freedom?



Well, in good introvert fashion. I`ve got a list.


  • Travel and see the 7 wonders of the world
  • Passive income
  • Snowboard around the world
  • Pay back the money I owe my parents
  • Wake up whenever I want
  • Travel some more and see my favourite bands
  • Work on my business for a couple of hours and go for a swim
  • Build a school
  • Debt free
  • And just enjoy life!

I love to read. I love going to museums, restaurants and watch movies. I love to go snowboarding. I play guitar and make music.


These are the things that give me energy. That make my life feel full. A few close friends, snowboard, and alone time!


If you`re an introvert, you know exactly what I mean. If you`re not, ask an introvert!


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Gold IRA – Best Gold IRA Company

Gold IRA

This video is from and the owner Mike Maloney talks about gold IRA. Enjoy!


Best Gold IRA Company 2019 – Secure Your Retired Life Against Stormy Economic Times Ahead
US Residents might be qualified for a gold retired life fund for defense against economic volatility


After years of wise monetary decisions and conserving, it is painful to see your retired life funds wash away with the rate variations of stocks, bonds, and realty.


Thousands of people have actually shed the majority of their retired life funds to rupturing property bubbles. These risks can be mitigated with a diverse financial investment profile, however, the fear of losing years of hard-earned money due to factors beyond your control still impends overhead.

Did you know you can buy physical gold and silver for your IRA?


Yes, the U.S. Government allows you to invest in gold and silver bullion for retirement purposes with income tax advantages using an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).


What if my IRA custodian won’t allow physical silver and gold for IRAs?


If your current IRA custodian does not offer you the option of either physical gold IRA investing and or physical silver IRA investing, or if you would like to set up a gold and silver IRA, simply contact one of the highly reputable custodians in the IRA Custodians section below.


1 Rated Gold Individual Retirement Account Company


Right here are a few of the key aspects we thought about when assembling our listing of gold IRA firms:


Fees & Storage.
Customer Service.
Background & Safety and security.


Points to Take Into Consideration When Choosing a Leading Rated Gold IRA Company.


1. Reputation.

The business you are considering, need to have the ability to provide good outcomes regardless of market volatility. The circumstance in the marketplace should not establish your financial investment end result. Customer care needs to be the main worry considering that you want the company to lead you when taking your existing 401K and making economic decisions. Moreover, you ought to establish if other customers are pleased with the company’s solution.


The business needs to additionally be developed and also certified by numerous market watchdogs like Company Customer Alliance (BCA), Trustlink,, and also Better Business Bureau (BBB).


2. Fees and also Plans.

Prior to you choose a company, you should understand any kind of policies and fees that will be applied to your account. You must recognize what you are being provided. Does the financial investment approach suit your particular needs? Does the firm charge any kind of unnecessary charges?


In the beginning, this may appear a little bit complicated. The business you select to collaborate with must make the investment procedure simpler by having people readily available to guide you via the rollover process and also supply you with remarkable customer care.


3. Adaptability as well as History.


The IRA custodian must offer you with different financial investment choices and their plans must match your details needs and also circumstance. You want to collaborate with a firm with market experience that is known for it`s stable and smart financial investments that expand.


This is specifically important if you are not an experienced capitalist. Opening up a gold retirement plan is an excellent investment method as gold offers lasting security and it serves as a hedge against the rising cost of living for your retirement financial savings.


4. Buyback Program.


When you prepare to liquidate your gold or other precious metals, you must have somebody offered to acquire them back quickly and also easy. You do not wish to miss out on potential gains. These gains can be shed if you have to wait numerous days to liquidate your possessions.


The company must provide a buyback program allowing you to re-sell metals at the present steel spot price. Regal Possessions has a 7-day take out policy– if they miss the due date, they will certainly send you a Silver American Eagle Coin.


5. Storage Safety and security.


One important manufacturing facility to consider, that is mostly ignored, when selecting a gold IRA investment company, is storage security. You intend to make certain that the company supplies numerous storage locations, nationally and also overseas. The firm of your selection should use set apart storage space choices.


Segregated storage suggests you get an area in the vault for your rare-earth elements. That indicates your metals will not be combined with other people’s metals. That suggests you can get very easy to gain access to when you require to liquidate your precious metals quickly. Do not neglect storage space safety and also fast gain access to, when choosing a gold investment company.


Which is the very best IRA company for your 401k rollover?

Since you put in the time to review our top rare-earth elements Individual Retirement Account testimonial, it is time to decide. Selecting the very best gold Individual Retirement Account firm that will reliably protect your retired life financial savings must be of utmost importance. Whether you are experienced or brand new to gold financial investments, our suggestion based upon:


Now, more than any type of other time in background, it’s vital to protect your retirement savings. The federal government can tap into your private retirement account at any moment and also wipe it out, in order to assist in paying back several of the UNITED STATE debt deficit.


This is important to understand if your 401( k) or Individual Retired Life Account (Individual Retirement Account) is backed by fiat currencies like common funds or paper money. This kind of financial investment can put you at significant risk of losing everything you have actually functioned and conserved for.


With the current government closure freezing the national spending plan, it’s only a matter of time prior to the rising cost of living hits and begins impacting your pension as a result of their susceptibility to certain economic conditions.

Please visit my website for a more in-depth analysis of the gold and silver markets by clicking the link below.

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